The Most Valuable Parts of a Car

parts of a car

Over the years, here at Taroni’s of Birmingham we’ve recycled and scrapped countless cars, and it’s surprising how much value even a severely damaged vehicle can hold. At Taroni’s of Birmingham, we’ve streamlined the process for you, offering top prices for scrap cars and providing the convenience of vehicle pickup at your location. Request a free quote for your car today!

But what parts of a scrap car retain value, even when the vehicle itself is beyond repair? Let’s explore the most valuable components:

Catalytic Converters

Nearly every car on the road today, produced after 1975, is equipped with a catalytic converter. Beyond its mysterious honeycomb structure, the high cost of this part stems from the presence of precious metals—rhodium, platinum, and palladium. These metals play a crucial role in filtering and reducing toxic emissions. The rarity of these metals makes catalytic converters highly valuable, to the point where theft of these components has become quite common.

Doors, Windows, and Mirrors

While doors, windows, and mirrors might not initially seem valuable, they are more susceptible to scuffs and damage than internal parts. In the unfortunate event of an accident, even a minor one, these exterior components are likely to be affected. In such cases, replacing the damaged parts becomes a logical choice, especially if the rest of the car remains functional. Consequently, doors, windows, and mirrors are among the most sought-after car parts.

Car Bumpers

Like doors and windows, car bumpers are prone to damage in collisions as they safeguard the front and rear of the vehicle. Typically made of materials like plastic, aluminium, steel, and fibre glass, bumpers need immediate replacement after an incident. Consequently, there is considerable demand for bumpers in good condition.


Car seats, subjected to wear and tear over the vehicle’s lifetime, are surprisingly easy to remove. From rips to stains and burns, the aesthetic condition of car seats often declines with prolonged use. Due to their easy replaceability, car seats can fetch a decent price when sold.


Replacing an entire car engine is one of the most expensive endeavours. When faced with a malfunctioning engine, car owners are often torn between replacing it and purchasing a new vehicle. If your unwanted car has a well-functioning engine, it significantly enhances its appeal to scrappers.

At Taroni’s of Birmingham Vehicle Recycling, we strive to simplify your scrap car sale. We handle the heavy lifting for you, recognising that removing most car parts can be challenging. Incorrect removal attempts may drastically decrease their resale value and pose environmental risks. Committed to responsible recycling, choosing Taroni’s of Birmingham ensures that your materials are disposed of sustainably and responsibly.

Taroni’s of Birmingham will provide you with the best price for your scrap car, contact us today for a fast and competitive quote.