Scrap Metal Birmingham

Our extensive experience has made us your local Birmingham experts in scrap metal recycling, giving our customers the reassurance that their scrap materials are being recycled safely and responsibly.

Scrap metal Birmingham

Our site in Birmingham is dedicated to scrap metal recycling (specialising in ferrous and non-ferrous materials) and features the latest equipment which can process scrap quickly and effectively. Our commitment to improving recycling rates whilst continuing to provide the most competitive prices for our customers has helped us to establish an enviable reputation as one of the leading solutions to scrap metal Birmingham has to offer.

Responsible recycling

Metal is a precious resource, and recycling scrap metal helps protect the environment and save energy. Our Scrap yard Birmingham recycles all of the scrap metal we process, we help you to do your bit for the environment and earn you money by disposing of your scrap responsibly.

what metal can we scrap?

We purchase all types of scrap metal in Birmingham including Aluminium, lead, copper, zinc and tin. We collect metal from the public, contractors, trades, businesses and manufacturers, and offer the best prices in the area. Our scrap yard can provide you with a quick, easy and affordable method of scrap metal recycling, however much you have to dispose.

we accept all types of metal, including:

Instant payment available

  • iron, steel and girders
  • new production cuttings
  • over-sized shearing
  • scrap cars
  • cast iron
  • irony aluminium
  • electric motors
  • cable, household and amoured
  • copper, brass and lead
  • aluminium and stainless steel
  • batteries, catalytic converters
  • silver / gold
  • tungsten
  • nickel