Driving Resolutions for 2024

It’s the ideal time to contemplate your New Year’s Resolutions, especially if you foresee spending ample time behind the wheel in the coming months. Taroni’s of Birmingham have compiled a list of driving resolutions that are not only worth considering but can significantly enhance your driving experience. And if driving less is on your agenda, remember, you can always secure the best prices for scrapping your car with us. But if you’re gearing up for a year in the driver’s seat, let’s dive into these resolutions.

Prioritise Regular Car Maintenance

Neglecting car maintenance not only poses a financial burden but can also compromise safety. Poorly maintained vehicles contribute to accidents across the UK, with issues like faulty brakes and worn-out tires being common culprits. Establishing a proactive maintenance plan ensures your car remains in a safe condition and helps identify minor issues before they escalate. Regular checks on tire pressure, engine oil levels, coolant levels, and the screen wash system are essential. Additionally, monthly inspections for air filters, brake fluids, and tire treads are crucial for long-term vehicle health.

Brush Up on the Highway Code

The dynamics of roadways evolve continually, accompanied by changes in technology, driving norms, and regulations. Staying informed about the latest updates in the Highway Code is essential. Significant changes occurred in 2022, including the introduction of a new hierarchy of road users. Anticipate further adjustments in 2024, particularly concerning pavement parking and the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ). To navigate the roads confidently, make it a resolution to stay updated on the latest changes.

Investing in a New Car

Although buying a new car often requires a significant initial investment, the day to day running costs can be a lot less than you would spend when driving an outdated car. Electric cars have steadily reduced in price over the last year and can be a cheaper alternative to petrol or diesel. By scrapping your existing car you could put the money you receive towards a new more economic one.

Drive Economically for Cost Savings

Given the ongoing cost-of-living challenges and fluctuating fuel prices, driving economically can yield surprising savings. The AA’s study revealed that drivers could potentially save 10% of their weekly fuel bills, with some achieving an impressive 33% reduction. Smooth driving with gentle acceleration, avoiding abrupt braking, and maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle in front are effective techniques for economical driving. Embrace these habits to not only save money but also contribute to a greener, more sustainable approach to driving.

Minimise Unnecessary Journeys

Trimming down your driving activities is a powerful strategy to reduce expenses and alleviate stress. Evaluate routine short trips, such as school runs or shopping outings, as potential candidates for reduction. Consider alternative transportation options or walking for distances within reasonable reach. For some, eliminating the car altogether might be a feasible option. If a new vehicle is on your horizon, rest assured that when it comes time to part ways with your current car, Taroni’s of Birmingham guarantee the best prices for scrapping.